Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Unsuspecting Victim!

Here we are taking a sweet picture in the car and then I turn the camera around and Bamm! This is what I see. We laughed until we cried after seeing this outcome. (I do realize that I look just as crazy in this picture.. the difference is that it was NOT intentional, I just look crazy.. naturally)

Here we are after our first dinner date in New York! well, our first dinner out EVER!! Once again, I turn the camera around to look at our darling picture and this is what I see. This one too, brought us to tears!!
I love this man.


  1. Where's Percy in the bottom picture?
    Smiles like these, warm the cockles of my heart!
    Any decisions of importance made yet? Are you home today with the kids? If you are, give me a call. Cause you know I'm not doing anything!

  2. What are cockles??? Mom, I now know exactly where Stephanie gets all of her mushiness from! =)

    Stephanie, have you noticed that you are always on Cliff's right side in all of your pictures (well, I think there's one that someone else took...when you were sitting on the couch next to him...you were on his left side there)?? Is it just because you're right handed? Just curious.

    Your skin looks so perfect and clear and beautiful in every single picture! You're gorgeous!

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE New York! Where did you go??? And I agree with Suzanne....You are BEAUTIFUL!!!