Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things I miss on Sunday Mornings

When Cliff is not here, I always think of things that he says or does and it warms my heart to think of such things but it also makes me miss him terribly. This morning was no exception. I think of how when we are all together getting ready for church... (I am usually frustrated at the pace of things and the boys are arguing with me every step of the way) aside from that is seeing my four favorite men in suits pressed and ready. The boys like arranging Cliff's tie after they work on their own I miss Cliff's arm around me in church and my nudging him as he falls asleep. But my favorite moment about Sunday mornings is when I walk over and button Cliff's left cuff of his shirt, I smile as he does right back and then I gently kiss his face.
I LOVE IT!! Simple pleasures I suppose. I know he HATES when I try and do things for him, but this one thing, I hope, he allows me to do forever because just the thought of that simple but sweet moment makes my heart soar!

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  1. Oh Steph - I know that things are not great right now, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. It can also stink - for lack of a better word,but I'll try to keep you from missing Cliff and you can keep me from missing dad. Deal?