Sunday, January 11, 2009

Where it all Began....

The words " Are you safe from the hurricanes?" will forever be close to my heart. This was the first message that I received from Cliff, on LDS MINGLE. I signed up for one month, two weeks into it, I received his message. For those of you who have never gone the Internet dating route, when someone emails you, the first thing you do is check out their profile. As soon as I saw his brilliant smile and was finished laughing at the things he wrote, I emailed him right back. Since Cliff was quite popular on THREE different sites, he was a bit slow to respond. He did respond and I enjoyed hearing from him so much that after a couple of times, I gave him my Yahoo email address and cancelled my paying privileges with Mingle. (I am pretty certain that he continued paying through November or so!!.. Silly man! :)

After a few emails in the real world, and after I gave him my number and he called. How do you not fall in love with that voice on the other end of the line. I was so excited and very grateful that he did not have a NEW YORK ACCENT! Some time passed and as conversations came and went, I wanted so very much to meet him. The time finally came and I thought I would die of anxiety before he got here. I was not able to eat all day, I was terrified that he would take one look at me and the expression on his face would be enough to know that he thought I was a hideous cow! Ughhhh, I was truly terrified. Then, I look up at the airport... and there he is. A few feet from me, smiling that perfect smile. We hugged and I knew in that instant that I loved Cliff Devries.

I know that Heavenly Father's love for us runs so deep. Despite this knowledge, I am still not certain some times that I am deserving of such a wonderful man. Every aspect of our relationship has been guided by Heavenly Father, of that I am sure. I have three boys, two of which have been without their father for 10 years now. What a blessing. I love Cliff with all my heart and I am so looking forward to being his wife. my dreams are filled of images at the temple and of our lives to come. The boys, although at times upset about leaving their friends, have fallen in love with Cliff as well and I never dreamed it would all fit together so neatly.

For those of you I have yet to meet, (Cliff's friends and family) I am very much looking forward to being a part of your lives. For those of you I already know and love: Thank you for your love, support and excitement. Thank you for welcoming Cliff with open arms and supporting us.

Cliff, honey, you are absolutely wonderful. You are my knight in shining armour. I love you more than I thought it possible to love another human being. My whole life now consists of making sure that you and the boys are happy. Thank you for being such an incredible man. I am so lucky to have caught your attention and I am truly looking forward to being your wife and keeping you happy for the rest of life.... maybe longer :) I love you!


  1. Stephanie, I remember (not too long ago) you telling me (many times over) that you didn't want to get married for a LONG time (if ever) or at least until the boys had grown up and moved on. You said you didn't want some man coming in and getting in the way of your routines, etc. You were happy with the way things were. I always hoped you wouldn't get your way! =) You are such an amazing person. I wanted you to have the chance to find another amazing person to share your life with (besides your awesome kids, of course). I'm so glad that you found him...or rather, that he found you!

    Cliff, thanks for snatching her up! I can't wait to meet you...I sure hope I get the chance before you guys get married and move off to New York forever!

    Stephanie, I miss you! I have so much fun thinking about the late nights we've stayed up giggling over stupid youtube videos, watching country music videos online (how do you know every word to every country song ever written???), watching other somewhat scary music videos from out know what I'm talking about! Anyway, thanks for the good, sisterly times. I love you!

  2. My dear sweet daughter...I'm so glad that you found Mr. Lovely. And Cliff - you got yourself a winner, don't ever forget it!
    Girls - how come I've never been invited to the late night youtube video sessions? After all, I am a late night party animal:)